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Pillows by Natura!
The stuff that DREAMS are made from!

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With a vast line of pillows available in a wide range of materials and fills, Natura's pillow collection is categorized into four distinct comfort choices, making it easy to find the perfect pillow to meet your individual needs. Choose from the following luxurious options to find the pillow that's just right for you.

Like it firm? NaturaWool™ is for you!

Created with a full batt of pure virgin sheep's wool sealed in 100% unbleached cotton, the NaturaWool™ pillow collection offers firm support that won't let you down. Its natural fill won't shift, clump, or develop hollow spots. NaturaWool™ is naturally hypo-allergenic, and wicks away excess humidity, creating a comfortable micro-climate for your face and neck while inhibiting the presence of unwanted allergens. With a choice in fill weights and available in a contour or organic version, Natura's wool pillows are the beginning of a great night's sleep.

Cloud Pillow
Cloud (NaturaWool™ Fill)
(from $68)
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The full, rolled batt of interactive NaturaWool™ Fill creates an insulating layer that helps to regulate temperature next to the skin for a healthy, comfortable night's sleep. NaturaWool also wicks away excess moisture, creating a fresh, dry sleep environment that repels...

Cloud Plus Pillow
Cloud Plus (NaturaWool™ Fill)
(from $80)
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This pillow has a plush feel and firmer support with 20% more fill than the Cloud Pillow. The full, rolled batt of interactive NaturaWool™ Fill creates an insulating layer that helps to regulate temperature next to the skin for a healthy, comfortable night's sleep. NaturaWool™...

Cloud Contour Pillow
Cloud Contour (NaturaWool™ Fill)
(from $85)
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This ergonomicaly contoured pillow promotes tension-free sleep and helps muscles relax with its supporting cervical roll for the head and shoulders. Naturally hypo-allergenic and breathable, NaturaWool Fill™ regulates temperature next to the skin for a healthy, sleep...

Cloud Ylang Pillow
Cloud Ylang Ylang (NaturaWool™ Fill) (from $95)
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Lightly scented ylang ylang enriched cover encourages a soothing, relaxing sleep with its lightly exotic, calming scent. Inside, the full, rolled batt of NaturaWool™ fill creates an insulating layer that wicks away excess moisture, regulates temperature and repels allergens...

Fond of flexible resistance? Choose NaturLatex™!

Using a solid Talalay latex core, the Naturlatex™ pillow collection provides resilient, cradling support and instantly adjusts to the unique contours of the head and neck. Unlike traditional fills, NaturLatex™ pillows provide resilient, support that won't clump or pack down and is also available in a contour version. Wicking away excess heat and humidity, NaturLatex™ pillows ensure your sleep surface stays fresh and comfortable. Naturally breathable and hypo-allergenic, the anti-microbial properties of Naturlatex™ pillows inhibit the presence of allergens such as mold, mildew and dust mites, for a pure, sound sleep.

Ultimate (Talalay Latex Core)
(from $97)
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The name says it all...the Ultimate pillow. The perfect combination of Luxuriously soft cover, a layer of temperature regulating NaturaWool™, and a solid core of 100% Talalay latex. With its resilient support and natural materials, this NaturLatex™ series pillow is hypo-allergenic and is the ultimate blend of materials for a great night's sleep.

Ultimate Contour
Ultimate Contour (Talalay Latex Core) (from $118)
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The ultimate pillow with contour support! Cradle your head and neck with this delightfully crafted, ergonomically contoured pillow. Naturally antimicrobial, hypo-allergenic, and wrapped with the same soft cover and NaturaWool™ lining as the Ultimate pillow, the contour provides a cervical roll to support the natural curves of the head, neck and shoulders.

Select (Talalay Latex Core)
(from $68)
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Let the tension slip away! With a 100% NaturLatex™ core and a zip off cotton cover, the Select pillow provides resilient support that wont clump or pack down. Conforming to YOUR contours, this pillow combines practical design with natural materials for a healthy, natural, relaxing nights sleep

Select Contour
Select Contour (Talalay Latex Core)
(from $95)
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Cradle your head with the select contour pillow. All the great features of the Select pillow, with the added benefit of a cervical roll to support the head, neck, and shoulders, this ergonomically contoured pillow has a Talalay NaturLatex™ core that won't clump or pack down with use...

Want that "down-like" feel? Go for Granulated!

The secret behind the comfort found in this unique line of pillows is in the latex fill, which imitates the feel of down. Resilient, cuddly and totally moldable, granulated NaturLatex™ pillows are healthy alternative to pillows made with traditional and synthetic materials. With a wide variety of pillow designs and fills, Natura's granulated pillows are naturally hypo-allergenic, resisting allergens that can lead to disruptive sleep.

Dream (Granulated Latex Fill)
(from $32)
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A Dream come true... The heart of this pillow is found in its innovative granulated NaturLatex fill. Resilient, cuddly, and moldable, this unique line of pillows replicate the feeling of down while being naturally hypo-allergenic. Perfect, moldable support and soothing pressure relief for hours of sheer bliss!

Dream Mate
Dream Mate (Granulated Latex Fill)
(from $46)
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Sensible and stylish, the Dream Mate pillow goes the extra mile. This luxurious pillow combines the down-like support of a granulated latex core and adds an insulating layer of NaturaWool™ to regulated temperature next to the skin throughout the night. Try one today... sweet dreams await!

Dream Aloe
Aloe Dream Mate (Granulated Latex Fill)
(from $75)
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Soothe away the cares of the day! A moisturizing, silky, aloe infused cotton cover encases a NaturaWool™ lining and is wrapped around a granulated latex core! An explosion of extravagance to support and caress those cares away.

Dream Travel
Dream Travel (Granulated Latex Fill)
(from $15)
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All the benefits of the Dream pillow in a compact, lightweight, and easy to carry pillow. Perfect for the car, plane, dorm, or cottage, the Dream travel pillow will become your constant companion.

Care for a conforming feel? Select memory foam.

Temperature and weight sensitive, the Natura Pedic Contour pillow personalizes comfort by conforming perfectly to head and neck, promoting correct neck and spinal alignment for remarkable comfort and superior pressure relief. The inclusion of temperature-regulating NaturaWool™ in its design creates a comfortable micro-climate for face and neck and won't let overheating and common allergens rob you of a good night's sleep.

Luscious (Memory Foam Core)
(from $104)
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One touch of this extraordinary pillow will instantly reveal how it got its name. The plush cover is soft and silky, encasing a memory foam Natura Pedic core. The Luscious pillow provides gentle, cushioning support, while maintaining a conventional pillow shape and appearance.

Perfect (Memory / Latex Core)
(from $118)
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Lay your cheek on this amazing pillow and understand why it is called the Perfect Pillow. Featuring two different luxurious velour fabrics, the cover can be switched to match your preference. This unique 2 in 1 pillow also features a dual sided core: resilient, Talalay latex on one side and gentle cushioning memory foam on the other for a CUSTOM sleep experience.

Supreme Contour
Supreme Contour (Memory Foam Core)
(from $96)
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As it's name implies, the Supreme Contour pillow is a delightful fusion of soft terry cotton cover with memory foam core for ergonomic support in all sleeping positions. Evenly distributing weight and pressure across its surface, the memory foam provides soft cushioning support to keep your head, neck and spine correctly aligned.

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