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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy from the
Who makes your fleece sheets?
Why are your fleece sheets so special?
How do I care for my new fleece Sheets?
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Why buy from the
We only sell products that we believe in.  We believe that a restful sleep is imperative to you and your health.
Providing uncompromising quality and service to YOU, we offer truly luxurious products at affordable prices. is the first company to offer EzzzySleep™ sheets for sale online in the United States. With uncompromising quality and comfort, we are redefining Luxury- right where it counts. Your bed is your refuge…you deserve EzzzySleep™ sheets.

Who makes your fleece sheets?
Our fleece sheets are made in Drummondville Quebec, Canada by Drap Santé Inc. and are sold in the United States as EzzzySleep™ sheets.

Why are your fleece sheets so special?
Soft.  Cozy.   Luxurious.  Healthy. These are just a few words that describe why our fleece sheets are so special. EzzzySleep™ sheets provide luxurious comfort and warmth while providing a healthy atmosphere for a great nights rest.Made from a unique blend of 60% brushed acrylic and 40% polyester, they are luxurious, soft, and cozy while protecting the skin against humidity.The acrylic fiber is non-irritating, while its hydrophobic nature draws moisture away from the skin for your ultimate comfort.  Many studies have shown that during sleep, body temperatures increase, raising the rate of humidity and accelerating the heart rate.  Furthermore, high humidity rates promote the growth and development of dust mites and bacteria, which adversely affect respiratory airways.  The acrylic fibers protect you from this humidity, while helping with a regenerative sleep.   The Polyester fiber creates an insulating coat of air, protecting you from the cold while allowing your body to maintain a constant temperature.  Soft to the touch, the combination of these two fibers gives the ultimate in comfort and warmth.  In addition, every DrapSante´/EzzzySleep™ sheet set has received an antimicrobial treatment, effective in eliminating odors caused by germs.  Antimicrobial protection by Ultra-Fresh™  is a value-added benefit that contributes to high performance and longevity of premium textiles. Lighter weight sheets such as the EzzzySleep™ Original Sensation work well even in the summer!

How do I care for my new fleece Sheets?
General product care:
The brushed fiber will normally pill; however, excess fibers will diminish and/or disappear in 4 to 6 washes.  We recommend that you refer to your Warranty/Product care instructions card before you wash your sheets. For best results, wash your sheets on a Regular Cycle with a maximum drying time of 7 minutes; tumble dry with NO heat. The dryer cycle allows the fibers to “open and swell” for a soft feel every time. The use of liquid fabric softeners may increase the pilling of the fabric. We recommend you do not use liquid fabric softener when washing your sheets. Over time, pilling will occur.  Gentle washing and proper care will ensure that your sheets last for a long time.

The pilling of your sheet set is a normal phenomenon. The fiber is a unique blend of brushed acrylic and polyester. During the manufacturing process, the fleece is brushed by hundreds of fine needles. Excess fibers caused by this process will diminish and/or disappear in 4 to 6 washes. Other fleece sheets (made of 100% polyester) don’t give you the same advantages of our unique blend of acrylic and polyester.  Demand the best with these EzzzySleep™ products!

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