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Absolute Luxury!

Therapeutic. Cozy. Luxurious. Healthy.
These are just a few words that describe why our fleece sheets are so special.
Made from a unique blend of 60% brushed acrylic and 40% polyester, EzzzySleep™ sheets are luxurious, soft, and cozy while providing a healthy atmosphere for a great nights rest.

Soft to the touch, this combination of Polyester and Acrylic fibers give the ultimate in comfort. In addition, every DrapSanté / EzzzySleep™ sheet set has received an antimicrobial treatment for your wellbeing.

With uncompromising quality and comfort, we are redefining Luxury- right where it counts.

Uncompromising Quality...

●We only sell products that we believe in.
●We believe that a restful sleep is imperative to you and your health.
●We provide uncompromising quality and service to YOU, offering truly luxurious products at affordable prices.

We, at The Sheet Boutique, are proud to sell EzzzySleep™ sheets. We want to pass along a great night's sleep to others, and we are confident that you will love them as well.

EzzzySleep™ sheets are non-irritating, providing the ultimate comfort and warmth for a regenerative sleep. Other fleece sheets (made of 100% polyester) don't give you the same advantages of our unique blend of acrylic and polyester. Demand the best with these EzzzySleep™ products!

Antimicrobial protection by Ultra-Fresh™ is a value-added benefit that contributes to high performance and longevity of premium textiles.

Your bed is your deserve EzzzySleep™ sheets.

The perfect Gift!

EzzzySleep™ sheets work well in all seasons. The softness and coziness make them perfect for cold, winter nights. The polyester/acrylic fabric wicks away moisture from the body while helping to maintain a constant body temperature, making them comfortable in all seasons.

These sheets make great gift ideas for Christmas, baby showers, and birthdays. Go ahead, purchase a set for yourself.  Once you've had the experience, you'll want to share it and pass along some joy!

We at The Sheet Boutique strive for customer satisfaction. We intend to wow you with great sheets, great service, and a great night's sleep! We intend to change sleep habits, one customer at a time! Buy a set of EzzzySleep™ sheets today; you won't regret it!

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